Era 1: Modern – Round 4-5: Vitus

Prepare yourself…


…for an awe inspiring phenomenon!

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I didn’t expect that to work very well but I had four birthdays simultaneously and it was awesome!


…>_> and ended well *shaking head at her sims*

Moving right along then…


He’s not chatting Kehtie up (honest) he’s just so nice that he appreciates everyone XD and with that face he hasn’t been slapped yet


It’s getting a bit crowded, or nice and cosy? For now


Now I really don’t need an alien bodysnatch but! Never say never right?


Lilah adores the little bubbly wubblies even though she’s a Fortune/Knowledge sim – makes total sense right?!


As does this… *no idea anymore*


And this?! Wait, who are you and what have you done with our Lilah? *adolescence destroys brain cells*

Oh… never mind, I just checked and she has 3 not so nice points – moving along!


I thought this was an everyone shot but we’re missing someone I think…


“So, I think I’m old enough now to know what this secret woohoo business is yeah?”

“You put your *beep* into *beep* and then *beep* until *beep* okay. Anymore questions?”

“…………………..” *traumatised for life*

Probably he should have asked Willoh instead…


Who is at this moment growing up little cutie pies like Quinn here omg his face is amazing I can’t wait to make babies with him! (that… doesn’t look as right on screen as it did in my head but you know what I mean right?!) *cough* I know he looks evil but he’s a sweetie pie Capricorn (which means he’s God-Hand’s secret love child boo yeah)


Anywhere, any time… he was trying to make the bed but she beat him to it


And then Lilah glitched on us when Milo interrupted her stretching routine XD she was like that a while

Disclaimer: no sims were permanently disabled during the making of this round


It’s tough being the middle child


Pretty sure I was trying to set them up…


…they were only interested in being friends though


Oh look! Long time no see Mr Headmaster… I think they got in this time =/ maybe…


“How come we live in the modern era and we don’t have musical instruments?”

“Um, where in the house would we fit them?”

“A violin doesnt take up much space does it?”

I kept meaning to…………………………………..*cough*


Guess who broke something…

But now! It’s the weekend! Yay! I can take the kiddlies out to the park and meet people and have fun and…


…watch Leoh appreciate his sister who constantly noogies him….


Okay, you four, go out and meet people so you may procreate and live long and prosperous!


OR you could walk all the way to the park and play only with each other who you see everyday at home!


Made them take a picture (they were not happy) XD


Yay people! Except… not my kinda people. Where are all my sims?! (slacking off)


Good job, Leoh, keep it up


Except he didn’t because Ashley kept bugging him for that swing around thingy


…and then Amelia wanted to get in on that too


…and then it was time to go home >_> and the only sim who showed up was Joena (who is too old anyway!) ugh


Oi, oi, you’re supposed to be a sweetheart!

“I AM a sweetheart! Look how daintily I splash!”


Luckily it was Willoh who found it…


*grumble mumble dire threats to God-hand grumble mumble* XD heeeh (made her clean it up)


Time for a baby! Boo yeah! And it’s a GIRL! We dub thee Zara


…………..well done Zara, good first impression on the world


Let’s play pass the pukey baby (of course Leoh took it willingly without complaint!)


Some stragglers followed us home – y’all remember beautiful River Spear yes?


And Sehra Wylde, who shares a love of Grilled Cheese with Leoh (who is a Fortune sim btw)

I have an abundance of Grilled Cheese loving sims this gen, it’s so sad for them (no stove next era) mwahahahaaa

R4-05-46 R4-05-47 R4-05-48 R4-05-49

And while I was trying to get everyone friendly – Olivya picked up the Scanner that she earned from her job!


“I knew he was playing on here until all hours of the night…”

…….isn’t it Lilah who is always on that thing? (can’t remember seeming Leoh on it)


…………………I am not even going there !_!


Quinn grew up! Omg I still love his face XD


And then Olivya glitched… good job Livy (doesn’t Leoh look totally stoked to be playing chess?)


And this is what the COSY upstairs bedroom looks like now ^_^

It’s a full house!

In residence: Olivya, Willoh, Leoh, Lilah, Amelia, Ashley, Quinn & Zara

Funds: $26,770

And that’s the round peoples! One more to go for the Era! Yay~

As for the rankings – those crafty Crafts have snuck up from the bottom to the top in just four rounds and don’t look like they’re going anywhere any time soon >:D sneaky!

1. Craft (up 1)

2. Wylde (down 1)

3. Vitus (same)

4. Spear (still holding steady)

5. Rose (also holding steady)

Total Births = 6 (3 boys, 3 girls)

Total Sims = 31 (G2 sits at 12 boys, 9 girls)

Total Families = 5


4 thoughts on “Era 1: Modern – Round 4-5: Vitus

    • ROFL *lost it* XD what? are they?! Actually, after thinking about it, you may be right… I have very well behaved teens… it may be that they have too much to do when left to their own devices? Unlike in the Neanderthal Era with nothing to do but harass each other ๐Ÿ˜€


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