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Round 5: All Eras

It’s the weekend guys! Yay! And you know what that means? *.* mini sims are home all day

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Round 4: All Eras

Don’t be alarmed but… there may be babies this round O.O just warning you…

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Round 1: All Eras

Welcome back! You either enjoyed the previous post, suffer from severe curiosity at where I’m going with this, or you’re just really, really bored:/

I play one day midnight-to-midnight per family (or thereabouts depending on what drama prevents me from escaping at exactly midnight) as such I’m able to just toss all families into the one post – for now.

In regards to gameplay, I’ve played five official days (last round was that set-up zero day, you know the one right! That niggling extra day end of season start….) to the end of each era’s respective season, which I should probably mention now they don’t all have the same set of seasons. It took me that time to figure out exactly how I wanted to play, what restrictions to put in place, what jobs to select or ignore, etc, all that good stuff – of which only works for this generation – the rules will change to something more permanent once I have more than one family per Era.

I just thickened that mud on you didn’t I? :/

Nevermind! Let’s continue…

Oh wait – first things first – there will be pixellated nudity in this post; if pixels offend you, then I suggest you scoot along now. If that’s no big thing, by all means carry on…

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Welcome To A Time Tangle In Which Taliah Confuses Everyone

If you stumbled across this post expecting A Test of Time Challenge, my deepest and most sincere apologies; this is no longer that site. It is, however, a challenge that involves a lot of different eras and the poor unfortunate sims caught in the tangle that is this twisted web of alternate simultaneously existing time zones. Or is it a legacy? I don’t know! I’m trying something new; it could last a life time… it could last a few months (let’s be real, it’ll probably be a few months ok?)

Instead of getting bored with one era and rushing and never updating and then getting very lost and confused after a too long break why not just have all eras at the same time?

There’s a good chance I’m insane (nobody quote me) but I tell you what – this is fun – and if you’re having fun then you’re mentally healthy and all is well with the world again~

In other words, this is for my entertainment and to help me remember what happens when I take that inevitable too long break; if you’d like to join me you are most welcome.

I play one day per family at a time, I found in past challenges it’s the most fun way for me to play; also I have a vague idea of rules based on a mix of other challenges and personal preference but really this first week is just me getting to know the sims, experimenting with the different eras, and making it up as I go along.

Clear as mud? Righteo then, let’s play!

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