Round 1: All Eras

Welcome back! You either enjoyed the previous post, suffer from severe curiosity at where I’m going with this, or you’re just really, really bored:/

I play one day midnight-to-midnight per family (or thereabouts depending on what drama prevents me from escaping at exactly midnight) as such I’m able to just toss all families into the one post – for now.

In regards to gameplay, I’ve played five official days (last round was that set-up zero day, you know the one right! That niggling extra day end of season start….) to the end of each era’s respective season, which I should probably mention now they don’t all have the same set of seasons. It took me that time to figure out exactly how I wanted to play, what restrictions to put in place, what jobs to select or ignore, etc, all that good stuff – of which only works for this generation – the rules will change to something more permanent once I have more than one family per Era.

I just thickened that mud on you didn’t I? :/

Nevermind! Let’s continue…

Oh wait – first things first – there will be pixellated nudity in this post; if pixels offend you, then I suggest you scoot along now. If that’s no big thing, by all means carry on…


Remember Dante? He’s the nice sim… see how nice he is? Dreaming about his daughter aww (I mean that in a purely non-perverted manner get your mind out of the gutter!)




I did not direct this sim to fish. Good job Rosa! Good sim!


Claudia is home from school yay!


And this round is so exciting nothing else happened until the boys came home… this is Levi Smith, btw, from the Modern Era

“Hi! I’m Levi!”

You’re adorable. Never change *squishes*



“What the…?!”


“Ow… that… hurt a little bit…?”

“I didn’t feel anything.”


Angelo, unlike his father, is not a nice sim XD


Do you ever play a sim family not realising you hardly paid a certain sim any attention until some days later and then you can’t stop watching everything they do in a really creepy stalker way coz suddenly they went from non-existent to super entertaining purely because they’re so different in a weird way?!

Yeah… that’s Antonio for me (stage left – inspecting the grassy pond bank) I shall give you his stats at a later date and you shall see why…

BTW about those pixels…. I already warned you, this is your last chance as there will certainly be more (and closer up too) continue at will~


Rosa was very excited for Dante’s return from his very first day of work (yes they can work now, shocking!)


“Uh… Levi, you might want to stay outside for a while…”


*horrifying groaning emitted from the bedroom vicinity*

“…..what was that?”

“That would be why you should probably stay outside for a while…”


“Hey what happened to Levi?”

“He had to go.”

LoL Claudia XD no shame


Last picture for the Bellini family this round~


Correction: last picture of the Roman Era for this round….

Christa Thorn, so far only living child of the Viking family Thorn, dreaming about her one and only friend (neither of which is her parents) who else is weeping here?! DX


She also dreams of baby brothers and sisters to give her life purpose…


……………dreams really do come true *cough*


Dante’s back yay! Wait… what is she sayinga bout his wife?!

Maybe we should be asking why he’s laughing about it… XD


“Hi Mum…”

“LadidahdiDAH…. oh I think it’s time I wrote some more in my diary… yes indeed…”

*paper rustles as Erik hides his tortured face from his blessed child*

Hey wait a second – where did you get that paper young man?!




“I’m off to work, hon!”

“Okay bye hon!”

“Hey what happened to our wall?”

“Don’t worry it’ll magically reappear once you’re gone.”

“Okay see you then!”


“So Rosa, I think you should know, there’s this rumour going around about you and you know who…”



“I don’t want to name names, but it was spread by a thirteen year old female with fair skin, blue eyes and blonde hair tied up in a thick bun at the back of her head….”

“Uh… isn’t that your daughter?”

“What… I have a daughter?”

DX goodbye cruel world…


“Bye Hanna, it was nice to meet you… Oh I see your daughter is home.”



That’s okay, Christa has heaps of other friends…. (okay so like one but he is so worth a hundred!)


“Okay now you try!”

“Um… I don’t want to hurt you…”

“You won’t I… OW! Wow you pack a hard left…”

“I’m sorry! I am so sorry!”


Meanwhile Erik returns from his new job in the Adventure Career…

Who the hell is that dude?! SHOO! Shoo!


Unfortunately… Christa must do homework the long hard way because she cannot get a parent to help her…


But there will always be painting… (on wolf skin canvases with pots of earth toned colours ok!)


And confirmation for the next tiny little wonder that, although will still be ignored by his or her parents, will have the wondrous Christa to fawn all over them! Awww

Moving on…


Riona is always the first one up (lazy boys!)


Erik’s back…. *watching him with eagle eyes*


Aidan off to his first day of work in the Education Career! The only Career I’ve made available for the time being.


Thought the teens should get to know each other better, despite the 2 to 1 ratio at the moment in favour of the boys!


“Oh be still my beating heart!”


“Can I hug you?”


I thought things were going so well for these two! Wouldn’t that be awesome? Christa, a family sim craving love and attention stuck in that sterile environment would be just perfect to match up with someone from a big loving family….


…but it was too good to be true 😦 they do not get along at all


Booyeah promotion (he will be capped though sorry dude)


Sweet adorable blink and you miss him Torin did show Christa some love before she left

“Maybe, when I’m older, and we’ve met more people and stuff, you know, we could be…”


“We can be friends now! We don’t have to wait until I’m older…”


“….I meant like, best friends?”

“Of course! The best of friends!”

I think they’re talking about two very different things here….

In other news…




…worst timing ever…


“Oh my gosh, Ma, don’t you bathe?!”

“Maybe if somebody didn’t bathe so much I could bathe more!”


“Oh my god! Seriously?!”




Daniel is off to be a Test Subject at the local Science Lab! Maybe one day he’ll even make his dream of being a Mad Scientist… maybe one day… (like never)


What the heck dude?! You don’t just walk around randomly kicking over other sims bins! Not cool!


They do say bad things happen in 3s…? (I think this was 4 though…)


“What I want? I really want my son to get into private school with the rest of the elites!”

“Oh I’m sure that’ll happen!”

Never. It’ll never happen.


“Aww thanks Maggie that’s so kind of you… why are we hugging?”

“You’re very huggable.”



They are also both Fortune sims (it’s a cruel, cruel world)


“Omg did you hear about Jack?”

“I know! He can’t get a job… and he’s the man of the house how sad is that!”


“The skin on your face is so smooth…”

“Oh uh… thank you…”

=_= doesn’t he have a beard…


“Why don’t we go inside and… get more comfortable? It’s kind of chilly out here…”

“Thank you, that sounds great. It is very cold out here… it doesn’t get cold where I’m from…”


“……….is it normal to take your clothes off at other sims houses like this?”

“Oh yeah perfectly normal; you want to be comfortable right?”

“Um… I’m not really sure about this…”

“It’s okay I’m already pregnant. No inter-era babies here!”


What? Why would there be…oomph!”

I want it noted: this was not me!


You guys better not be doing it under there!


……….they totally did it =_=


“I… have a feeling that wasn’t meant to happen…”

Dante… I love you, but really… grow some balls man!


“I have no balls…”


None whatsoever.


“You better go now; my kid is home..”

“Oh ok…oomph!”

*face flop*


“Hey little kiddo! Nothing to see here! Just some dude walking past your house…”

“Um… okay Mr Bellini, have a nice day…”

“You too, Henry! Not that we saw each other or anything…”


“Oh… hey son…” *I am so screwed!*

You are, Dante, let this be a lesson now…


“Do you like get thunderstorms and stuff?”

“Yeah yeah! Big electrical ones! But mostly it’s just sunny…”

“Wow! We don’t really get much except rain… and cold…”

“You can visit whenever you like! Come enjoy the sun some time…”


Naww you guys don’t be cute!


And then Daniel returned home from work, with a work mate…


……………………………….I kid you not! XD


“That alarm this morning really threw the schedule out for the day Huh! I mean, you especially were gone for hours, Dante! I was looking for you at lunch…”

“Oh yeah man that was crazy, my division got lost and… you know… crazy… hahaha…”


“This was fun. We should hang out more often. You’re a really cool sim, Dante!”

“Aw thanks Dan… you’re cool too…”

Seethe with shaaaame


Maggie, girl, you are stone cold….

“Girl’s gotta get her thrills where she can in this life…”

How about you get a hobby?! Dang it, I am getting this girl a hobby!


First though – baby confirmation boo yeah! (It’s really Daniels, honest! Hey, I just realised they both have names starting with D…………)

Moving on then…


Oh domestic bliss – kid off to school, wife and hubby all alone


“See you later, bo!”

“Later, hon!”

Correction: hubby all alone


Oh hell no…

“Damn Jack you are fine…”


“Thanks, Maggie, you know pregnancy really suits you!”


“Oh thank you, that’s very kind of you to say when I look like a giant heifer…”


“Haha girl, if you’re a heifer you are one mighty fine looking heifer…”


“You know what this mighty fine looking heifer wants to do with you right now, Jack?”


“…play catch?”

Thank you, Jack, be strong! Use them manly balls!


“Just kidding… how about a kiss for my punishment?”

Ugh…. DX I didn’t mean it like that…


“Maggie you are one foxy little minx; I know what you’ve been up to~”

“You do not, stop it…”

Yes please, stop it!

And then apparently she just disappears….


And Rosa comes in to break our television on day freaking two! Seriously?!


Guess we’ll just have to hang out then…


Yay! Levi and Ella are home to save Jack from himself~


………..I see now why Maggie left (mother’s sixth sense?)


“So… sweetie, how was your day?”

“Oh, you know… uneventful…”




That’s okay, Ella knows how to keep her man in line…

001-089 001-090 001-091

Dang that girl has energy to spare!


And yes, the TV shall remain broken until someone learns enough mechanical points to fix it without electrocuting himself!

That’s it for the round! I hope you enjoyed~ More shenanigans next time~

Any flirtation done between any sim – married or otherwise – is done by them and them alone, until later rounds to get lazier sims pregnant I don’t touch them, so up to this point all pregnancies and flirtations were done on their own terms! (Sims are freaky like that). Adieu~


2 thoughts on “Round 1: All Eras

  1. Yay for the first babies being on the way. 😀 And Maggie sure gets around a lot. XD

    If you don’t mind me asking: Do you have each household in another subhood? Seems like that would be easiest, especially considering the different weather for each era. But it does make for a lot of subhoods. 😛


    • Hi! I didn’t expect to see anyone just yet as I’m keeping quiet while I get organised ._. but yay! XD it’s always more fun with people around. Ask away! I don’t mind at all~ And yes, they are in different subhoods (mostly) because I really wanted the different weather patterns for the various locations around the “world” the sims live in. I will definitely be explaining more about each family and their respective rules in Round 6; up until Round 5 I was just letting them do their thing so I could get to know them 🙂


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