Welcome To A Time Tangle In Which Taliah Confuses Everyone

If you stumbled across this post expecting A Test of Time Challenge, my deepest and most sincere apologies; this is no longer that site. It is, however, a challenge that involves a lot of different eras and the poor unfortunate sims caught in the tangle that is this twisted web of alternate simultaneously existing time zones. Or is it a legacy? I don’t know! I’m trying something new; it could last a life time… it could last a few months (let’s be real, it’ll probably be a few months ok?)

Instead of getting bored with one era and rushing and never updating and then getting very lost and confused after a too long break why not just have all eras at the same time?

There’s a good chance I’m insane (nobody quote me) but I tell you what – this is fun – and if you’re having fun then you’re mentally healthy and all is well with the world again~

In other words, this is for my entertainment and to help me remember what happens when I take that inevitable too long break; if you’d like to join me you are most welcome.

I play one day per family at a time, I found in past challenges it’s the most fun way for me to play; also I have a vague idea of rules based on a mix of other challenges and personal preference but really this first week is just me getting to know the sims, experimenting with the different eras, and making it up as I go along.

Clear as mud? Righteo then, let’s play!


Lazy auto-family start shot, and yes, this is our starting era, because we’re done with Neanderthal, okay?! We’re done tormenting ourselves there! ;_; okay guys?! Instead, we’re starting in one of my favourite and much missed eras – Ancient Rome – with our founding family Bellini; from left teen Claudia, father Dante, mother Rosa, and twin boys Angelo & Antonio


Excuse the modern clothes on the kids but I’m lazy, it happens ok!


They’re all wanting to speak to Dad but Dad just wants Mum… isn’t he adorable


They’re not really slaves… because who would they be slaves to?! Instead, they’re… Roman Neanderthals? >_> (she can’t escape them!) XD haaa no! Jobs are allowed, highly restricted, and crafting items to sale also


They’re awesome house before I actually did anything with it but it still looks like this just with a second level but you’ll see ok moving on!


*cough* no really… I give them a second floor (isnt that cruel) its 10×6 I think…


Yes Angelo, it is all about the love…


“What… what is this?”

“Acid rain?”

Why would it be acid rain?!

“It’s aliens… I saw them, you know, they’re green and sparkly and…”


“Nope… pretty sure it’s just rain…”

Note Antonio in the back despairing the family he rolled into *pat pat*



Slacking off already…?


“No! No, I just… fell over…”


You sure you want to be admitting that with witnesses around?

See? I told you! A second floor…


“I remember our first time like it was yesterday…”

“Uh, but honey… we haven’t had a yesterday yet…”


I genuinely did nothing this first round so it’s especially endearing to see these kind of scenes >.< so cute


“Haha gotcha!”


“Ma!” *smack* “You almost took my face off!”


LoL the boys…

000-017 000-018 000-019

Life is good in the Ancient Era zone; there’s fishing, and gardening (eventually), endless sun (and some rain, also eventually) no bosses, no smog, no bad weather, no weird rules like in the Dark Ages – speaking of which…

Up next!


Welcome to the Dark Ages where the winters are long and harsh and the summers don’t exist and there are really weird rules I’ve implemented to drive certain sims insane. But before that let’s meet our founding Vikings, the Thorn family: from left teen Christa, father Erik, and mother Hanna


“Hey hey, looking pretty good wifey…”

“Not bad, not bad at all, hubby…”


“Hey Dad, wanna play a game of catch?”

“Oh um, I’d love to but… I can’t…”

“…you can’t?”

“Yeah, apparently Viking parents hate their children… so we can’t be friends… which means we can’t play in case we break that rule…”

“Oh…. okay then…” 😦

Note: this is just a rule from this Era brought over from the original test of time challenge I mean no offence to any actual Dark Age era Vikings who are insulted by this and know not if this is actual fact so be gentle with me !_!


What’s really sad is that Christa is a family sim DX I am so awful…

BTW, I rolled for all sim traits – and I mean ALL traits, likes and dislikes, (including how many kids and their ages per family), and didn’t fudge the results in the slightest so this is fate people! Fate!


As you can see… they’re so torn up about this rule…


…I’m sure they feel sad on the inside…


She’s a Daddy’s Girl DX (Im so, so awful!)


“Hmm, unusual birds in these mountains…”

Yeah, he’s a Romance sim btw… nicest dang romance sim you ever did meet!

And it’s insane how many Fortune sims I have in this starting round XD honestly… (fate is cruel)


So here’s the Viking hut in all it’s wondrous glory


Upstairs…. most of which came from Parsimonious.org, if you don’t know them by now – shame on you!


Nothing much to do in the mountains apparently… (I mean, not like they could be getting some vegies in before the snow, or fishing before the ice freezes the pond or anything like that but ya know!)


“Oh my goodness were you just reading my diary?!”

“Um… no?”


Nevermind then…

*hugs her computer trying to hug Christa* why?! Why cruel world?!


Oh great! Nevermind then cruel world – visitors! And there’s nothing in the rules that prevents Christa from getting to know other sims parents!


Dante & Rosa – remember these two? You should coz they are totally awesome! (also you just met them like five minutes ago, keep up!)


Christa is a very nice sim.

Dante is a very nice sim.

………rules or no rules, Erik is keeping a very close eye on Dante the very nice sim!


“If he doesn’t remove his sleazy paws in the next five seconds I’m gonna…”

Nope, no you’re not, coz you loathe children with every fibre of your being! And you don’t care what happens to Christa! At all!


See? Good boy.

“Um… shall I… come back later?”


Good idea, Rosa, go play with Christa, she needs the company.


It’s never too early to discuss arranged marriages…


“If it ever gets too hard here, you can always move in with us, ok Christa?”

“That’s really nice of you, Dante, but, I’ll be fine here…”


Yeah she’ll be fine… all alone!



What’s up with sims talking about their first time? Do they have nothing else to discuss?!


…or do, apparently…


Well that was enlightening! Maybe we’ll get some new babies for Christa to play with… maybe…

Moving on to something less dreary and depressing with some exploration and colonisation…


With the Flynn family! These bright eyed freckle faced red heads originate from the good old Emerald Isle, and have decided to explore and colonise the Old West for us: in the middle we have father and mother Aidan and Erin; either side we have the twins Riona and Rowan, and then in front gorgeous little fox Torin (don’t blink or you’ll miss him!)


“Ow… what are you doing?! OW that hurts!”


“Ma! Ma, Riona was just picking on me! She messed up my hair! It hurt!”


“Aw there there want me to kiss it better for you?”


“……..right… picking on you…” *sigh*


“You little minx you did that on purpose!”

“Haha gotcha good!”


They’re twins and they actually get along really well (fortunately) with complimenting personalities; Rowan is super shy, nice and enjoys keeping a tidy house (so of course he rolled Romance, of course!) whereas Riona is playful, mischievous and no-nonsense! But kind at heart (I think she rolled Family… sorry, my notes are over there and Im in super lazy mode)


Torin is very intrigued by what is happening here.


Eventually Dad gets the hint and entertains his son in more appropriate ways…

“Whoop – missed me!”


“Whoop! Missed me again!”


“Hahaha you got me that time!”


“Hey…!” *in yo face!*

“Hahaha…ha…son? You okay?”


The welcoming committee is here yay! It’s the Bellinis again… and Erik.


“So I hear you can’t associate with your kids huh?”


“So like, no playing? No talking? Nothing?”

“Nothing at all.”

“Man that would suck! I would hate not to be able to talk to my kids!”

“….you have kids?”


“Uh… Dad?”

“It’s okay, honey, he’s just in need of some child like goodness, you’ll be fine!”

“….that’s not… totally creepy… at all…”


“Don’t look, son!’

“Look at what?”

“I said don’t!”

“I wasn’t until you said don’t!”


“Now honey, it’s O-K, you can’t get pregnant from just hugging a man no matter how much your mother scares you with that old wives tale…”

“Oh for heaven’s sake Dad I’m twelve not stupid! I know that. I live in a tiny box with you two bunnies it’s hard not to…”

“Oh… okay then… what do you mean by bunnies?”

Ignorance is bliss theory in play.


I made their pond tiny on purpose XD


Here’s our romance sim in action… (I had nothing to do with this btw)


He then rolled constant wants to get to know her better but of course they don’t have a phone and she never walked past the lot again XD life is cruel


“Maybe we should start arranging marriages for the twins…”

“Good luck with that; those two are married to each other…”

“……………” Torin just overheard something he probably shouldn’t have heard (it’s okay he doesn’t understand yet)


He then wanted to hug his Dad goodnight…


And then his mother this was super cute! XD


Poor Riona, having to share with two boys


“It’s okay, I already had the talk with the twins; they know all about the birds and the bees.”

“…oh? what about them? should I know this too?”


“Come here and I’ll explain in great detail…”

“Oh my…”


Aidan is adorable (it’s where Torin gets it from I guess) you’ve never met nicer sims!

Ugh, the cuteness is killing me… moving on then!

From lush Rome, to a frigid mountain, and a dry dusty desert plain, now we meet the sims in possibly the worst position in this era to start in…


Pulling the shortest straw in this new challenge/legacy/thingamejig is the Hathaway family, who must start in the Victorian Era in the slums of Old London… working class man Daniel makes the best of things with capricious wife Maggie and awesome munckin son Henry


He’s a Family man, while she dreams of a way out of this place to a better life (ie Fortune – I know, right?!)

000-073 000-074 000-075

“Oh my goodness you shouldn’t read Papa’s diary, son!”

“Then you shouldn’t be writing in it right in front of me… Dad.”


And then who should just randomly stroll past…?!


“Heeeey… you’re um… you’re a viking, right?”

“Yup, that would be me…”

“Oh… um… are you going to kill me now?”


“Kill you?! Dude that’s harsh! Haha…”

“But I thought if a Viking walked past the lot the man of the family instantly died…? Or we fought to the death or something?”

“Nah, we’re a founding family, you’re a founding family – how would that make sense to kill us all off from the start? We’re good, bro.”


“Oh man I am so glad to hear that! I thought for sure you were gonna grab a wrench and knock me over the head with it…. that would probably hurt huh!”

“You have wrenches?! Sweet can I see it?”


“Oh um… yeah but… maybe later, I’m late for work…”

“Oh fair enough, don’t want to be late on your first day, but you have to show me next time, okay?”

“Okay yup no worries see ya bye!”


Stress Levels = Max XD


He really did just randomly walk past – THIS is the welcoming committee…


I really don’t know why you guys show up if all you’re going to do is make out in front of sims you hardly know….


“I heard there’s an alien this time!”

“No way for real?!”


Maggie had more important things to do than listen to gossip…

000-086 000-087

And finally…


We’re going all out for our Modern family Smith – and we mean Modern in a Sim World way… but they still have to start out in a trailer park (good luck guys!) Meet split personality Jack, super wife Ella, and too good to be true son Levi


…who starts off with an important life lesson


Imagine post apocalyptic but beyond that – so some parts of the world are still pretty rough, which is where the… less fortunate spend life – but if you have money, and smarts, you can go places


For now though, this is it!


The boys really love Ella XD

“Um… can you guys just give me like 10 more minutes? Then you can have my undivided attention!”


Okay, we’ll just go meet the welcoming committee then…


…which was probably a very bad idea…


Daniel, please control your wife…

“Why? She’s just talking…”

Of course she is *eye roll*


Rosa was very impressed with the TV

“Wow it shows moving pictures! That’s amazing!”

“Yeah… mind numbing too…”


Just a little reminder what we’d miss out on if we screw things up, Jack!


Omg Jack what was I just saying?!


“You want to make a friend? That’s awesome! I want to make a friend too!”

He’s a Popularity sim 🙂


“You fear being enemies with your daughter but you’re not allowed to be friends with her?! Man that sucks…”

XD fate… irony…


“I tell you what, I’ll rub your shoulders for you. I’m really good at massages; it’ll make you feel better!”

“Really? That’s so nice of you!”

No =_=


I want it noted I had nothing to do with this!


*sigh* “Some men just have a wandering eye…”


Ella has a cure for that…


“Oh my… what are you doing with that…?”


“Oh my… oh my goodness Ella where are you putting that?!”

And that’s about where we’ll leave it good folks! ^.^ If you came along for the ride I hope you enjoyed it; I’m having fun playing it. Hopefully I remember to explain rules and stuff as I go along but in this round I really just watched and did nothing much else because I had no idea how I was going to play this – just know, that I did want restrictions, because life is hard at the bottom, my good sims – really damn hard!

Until next time~


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