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Era 1: Modern – Round 4-5: Vitus

Prepare yourself…


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Era 1: Modern – Round 4-3: Spear

I was injured! In case anyone missed that in the comments… >_> and then I pushed  my recovery and that didn’t go down well, and I probably shouldn’t be here right now either – nobody tell on me and we’ll all get updates resuming regularly again ok?! Ok! Let’s do this…

Fair warning – in case it escaped your attention this is my favourite family (shameless) and I had a lot of fun with them this round, as such there are a lot of pictures (maybe over 100… maybe *cough*) and I do love to share~


My beautiful, beautiful all boy family: Gideon & Ellery, with (from left) Peridot, River & Ocean

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Era 1: Modern – Round 4-1: Wylde

We’re back! And it’s Round 4 already; can you believe it? I can’t believe it; it’s flying past!

Time for the Spring Round where it seems Sehra is super excited to get started…


“I’m the eldest yeah! I’m gonna be heir yeah! I’m gonna rule the world yeah!”

Um…. dreams are nice I guess *pat pat*

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