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Round 45 – The Victorian Era

Two for one with the Hathaway & Dubois families.

First up the merchant Hathaways: in where we meet another infamous sim – current Patriarch Henry – and somehow manage to avoid the first flu epidemic in the nick of time…

Secondly the poor slum refugees Dubois: in where there will be gushing, puppy love, cuteness and enough super sweetness to make your teeth ache…



Round 45 – The Gypsies

Romance hijinks ensue in this Wild Card randomly created on a whim gypsy-themed family with Matriarch Riona Flynn and her madcap misfit crew

The Gypsies are not part of the original Test of Time rules they are a family that came out serendipitously – the best type of way for things to happen in game. A world within a world. I have no idea where the future will take them but it’ll be fun finding out. Until next time~


Not Dead Yet Just Cruising – Round 45

Hey All, long time no SEE *shifty eyes* 😉

I know it’s been a long time, I know! (understatement of the century) I don’t abandon anything… uh, I’m too honest for my own good – I rarely abandon challenges, I just add more to the list and bounce around between them – if I admit I have 24 neighbourhoods that I all still visit randomly does that give you an idea? Moving on then…

Some neighbourhoods get more love than others, and this Time Tangle (A Test of Time mash-up?) gets the majority – I am officially mid-round 45 – yes round 45 – FORTY-FIVE – what is that in latin? I dunno, I could babble, but my lunch is calling, I just thought if anyone was interested in what’s happened (sorry…. some sims are dead 0.0 fair warning… 45 years guys…) you can see them here in all their sparkly moving uncensored glory…

Ancient Roman Merchants ~ BELLINI

and the Ancient Roman Peasants – MARINOS (these guys might be new to you huh? I added more families)

It’s just straight up gameplay, all, what you see is what you get.

I’ll be updating every day this week – there are 17 families on the go right now.

I hope you enjoy.